February 12, 2008

An advertisement posted on January 29th, 5 days before the Super Bowl, showing the pre-sale for a book commemorating the Patriots 19-0 season.

Ouch again.


3 Responses to “Ouch….”

  1. MsAlos Says:

    Dear Brandon, I LOVE your blog!!! Ive always been too timid to approach you, so I thought this was the best way. Speaking of those pathetic patriots and those Great Giants, check this out on the Gmen’s rings!

    February 12, New York Post: The “Ring of Destiny,” as its designer is calling his prototype Giants championship ring, is solid platinum with a 12-carat sapphire and 4.2 carats of diamonds – an estimated $25,000 worth of precious material.
    “We want to top any other ring ever made for a championship team,” said the designer, Fred Cuellar, president of Diamond Cutters International. The Giants’ 17-14 victory at Super Bowl XLII “was the greatest upset in history, so they should get the best ring in history,” he said. “

  2. brandonblattner Says:

    Alos, alos….alos….sorry, doesn’t ring a bell. Get off my blog!

  3. murph Says:

    Dear Brandon, I LOVE your blog!!! not.

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