On the year and a half anniversary of this groundbreaking document’s conception, it is presented below in its original, (mostly) unedited form.  View this historic document in its entirety by clicking below this excerpt:

U.S.C. 33(L) R.O.T.D. (2006)

1. The Purpose of this bill is:

a. To celebrate the particular tightness of certain extraordinary lines from rap songs, from the beginning of the genre in the mid 1980’s to today, giving particular attention to the criteria [set out in § 4(a-e), infra], AND

b. To provide an opportunity for the exploration and education of hip-hop genius that floats through the airwaves of the ghetto; AND

c. To provide the requesting party with a stage for giving credit to a line that he thinks is deserving of such unprecedented recognition; AND

d. To get in touch with one’s inner-!@#$%.

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