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In Honor of Patrick Bateman

February 8, 2008

An article showing 18 pretty hot business card designs. “Nice color.””That’s ‘Bone.'”  

/Film has reported that Mark Wahlberg will play Jon Roberts, the most heralded of the “Cocaine Cowboys” and depicted in the 2006 documentary of the same name, in an upcoming film directed by Peter Berg [Friday Night Lights, The Kingdom].  Fans of the aforementioned too-much-History-Channel, not-enough-Scarface documentary can look forward to a sequel, Cocaine Cowboys II: The Godmother Returns , which chronicles the life of the Cocaine Queen of Miami: Griselda “The Godmother” Blanco. This should be a beautiful film, if only because it will capture the stunning beauty of this ruthless druglord: Griselda Mug Shot