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Ten Quirky Baseball Rules

January 30, 2008

Ten quirky baseball rules and oddities, including a list of the 23 ways to get a man out on first base.(Via kottke)

If God Wore Shoes….

January 30, 2008

He’d probably be wearing Birkenstocks or something, but if he was a Phillies fan he would definitely be wearing these:

S Dot Phillies

Here’s a link to myself so that I can buy them right when I clear up that whole “negative balance in my bank account” thing: S.Phils
(Thank Frank) 

Hitler + Football = Funny?

January 26, 2008

Well, apparently MrNiceGuy thinks so at least….. And just in case someone finds it “tasteless” or “offensive,” just think of it as a theatrical study of history: an examination of the downfall of the German empire through the lens of the classic German film “Der Untergang”, ironically juxtaposed with an example of contemporary American materialism – sporting banter.  Ah the irony.